Recognized studies show that


1 to 3% of turnover is spent at printing

Implementing a print strategy can save 10 to 30%

11% of security incidents are print related

 Print related incidents are ranked in top 5 security risks

30% of a business day

is spent upon looking for information. Or a loss of 2,5 hours productivity

So, if you wish to realize savings on printing, minimize the security risk of a print related incident and reduce time your employees are looking for information, you have come to the right place!

Discover the value we can bring you with these service packs

Service Pack 1 : No Cure No Pay

You think you are managing well already? From our experience we know for sure you can realize extra savings and efficiency gains by analyzing your current situation with printing equipment and print volumes.

As we are convinced of the quick wins, this service pack offers you a free analysis of 2 hours. In case we cannot indicate where you can realize extra savings and productivity increase, the hours will not be billed. If yes, our time is at least earned back.

Service Pack 2 : Awareness Assessment

Questioning tool giving a view on the maturity of your people relating to knowledge, attitude and behaviour with regards to passwords, mail, internet, social media, handling information and reporting incidents.

Service Pack 3 : Privacy Risk Audit

Analyze risks for your organisation regarding GDPR and get insights in:

  • Critical company processes and company assets
  • Main threats for your organization
  • Vulnerabilities of your organization regarding information technology and handling confidential information
  • Quality of existing measures with regards to risk management 


Pricing of service packs are upon request. Please send a mail to

How to get started

Easy and step by step. The Belfinity scan will assess your current situation and show what you could optimize.

Evolve to paperless by reducing print infrastructure and implementing a print strategy.

Digitalization without a plan is like playing chess in the dark. Let this be a specific chapter of your digitalization journey. 

Advice and guidance during the entire process

As your ‘trusted advisor’, we will suggest internal measures to reach your goals and we can also look for the best ‘fit’ hardware, software and services based on your needs. 

We remain at your service during the entire process. Our job does not end with the search and choice of a solution, we want to remain implicated during implementation and business as usual to keep an eye on the agreement. 

More than 7 out of 10 times during a transformation process, the human aspect stands in the way for succeeding. We wish to anticipate by informing coworkers in the earliest stage and to ensure a transparent and clear communication. We sensitize coworkers by organizing seminars, workshops, training,...

Are you a local authority or any other organization liaised to public procurement, then you can also count on our 10+ years knowhow. You will be supported in every step of the public procurement process: you will be helped by an expert with knowledge of the ‘do’s and don’t’s’ during the entire procedure.

Going paperless

There has been a significant increase of collaboration tools, digital workflows and cloud based solutions because of lockdown measures.

We work on a specific plan of approach to reduce print infrastructure and to transform document processes to a new reality of social distanding and remote work. 

Within a realistic timing we focus on:

- eliminating time consuming and unsafe hardcopy processes

- realizing savings on expensive office printers which are probably used already less 

- increasing security of printers and data

Building maximum security

Building maximum security with regards to your print infrastructure and documents. Printers still seem to be the weaker link in network security.

During the entire paperless journey we can also advise on measures to be taken to avoid a data breach and if your organization is sufficiently compliant with GDPR guidelines.

Let's get started!

Complete the Belfinity scan & asses your current situation.