Cost reduction

1 to 3% of company turnover is spent at printing. In short term, implementing a print strategy can save 10 to 30%. (source: Gartner) 


Print is considered to be one of the top security risks to any organisation. 66% rank print in their top 5 risks. 11% of all security incidents are print related. The use of a managed print service (MPS) leads to improved print security. (source: Quocirca)


The knowledge worker spends about 2.5 hours per day, or roughly 30% of the workday, searching for information. (source: IDC)


A company with 400 knowlegde workers consumes about five thousant sheets per person per year. This is equal to a CO2 emission of 2.817 kilo per month.

Maintaining an active susainability management within your office environment can lead to considerable savings of costs and energy. Additionally, the image of your organisation and the environment will benefit of this.

Future Proof

Considering the increasing number of teleworkers and flexworking, a lot of organizations are currently reviewing their available office spaces. Is it still worthwhile to rent huge office space? Technology is now ready to perfectly manage the in & outflux of coworkers.

How can you handle the situation with regards to your archives, filing cabinets, office printers? How can you reduce the paper within your organization so that you can also work in a smaller office space and save costs, in an efficient and environmentally friendly way? Belfinity can help you with this excercise. 

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